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LEAP Ahead Rewards Airdrop allocation is worth up to 125,000 $LEAP tokens each day while the program is active!

About Leap Wallet

Leap is a next-generation super wallet for @Terra that brings ÐApp access, staking, DeFi, NFTs, identity, social, web3 and web2 app interactions into one platform.

Leap aims to become the most user-friendly crypto wallet for $LUNA and your gateway to every exciting aspect of the Terraverse.

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Simply perform your next intended Terra mainnet transaction within the Leap wallet and, if the transaction is eligible, sit back as your $LEAP token rewards accrue automatically.
  2. For a wallet to be considered active, and thus eligible for the reward, it must perform either a swap, stake, or Anchor deposit (net) within the Leap extension (i.e in-wallet).
  3. Rewards will be distributed based on two factors in order to ensure an equitable distribution of LEAP token rewards. There will be an upper limit on rewards of 1,000 $LEAP tokens per user per day. Read here for more details!

Step-by-Step Guide ''Leap Wallet Airdrop''

▪️ The LEAP token rewards you accrue will linearly vest over a 6 month period. The first tranche of vested tokens will be available as airdrops to be claimed at the time of the Token Generation Event (~3 months from now). The remaining tokens will continue to vest linearly (till the end of the 6th month) and will be available for the claim on a monthly basis after TGE. You will need to pay gas fees to claim the tokens.

** Rewards for Early Users: LEAP will be distributing some token rewards for users who have made eligible mainnet transactions up until April 9th 2022. More details on this coming soon!
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