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OptiFi Devnet is already live! OptiFi hasn't yet announced any plans or details regarding its token distribution, but it is confirmed in the roadmap that they will release their own token beyond 2023!  

Interacting with the OptiFi protocol before TGE may give you a chance to be eligible in a possible future Airdrop! Remember, This is just a high-probability speculative Airdrop!

About OptiFi

OptiFi, powered by Solana and Serum, is the first derivatives DEX with a portfolio-based margining approach and partial liquidations engine. Portfolio Margining allows users to net the overall portfolio risk to enhance capital efficiency, and Partial Liquidations ensure fair liquidation and pricing for all users.

The OptiFi protocol won Fourth Place in the Solana Riptide DeFi track in April 2022. OptiFi aims to build the most capital-efficient derivative DeFi platform by utilizing high-performance techniques, systematic margining approaches, and favorable market-making conditions to ensure low fee structure, competitive spreads, and sufficient liquidity.

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Head to the OptiFi DEX platform.
  2. Have a Solana and/or Serum compatible wallet like Phantom.
  3. Go to OptiFi Options & Switch to Devnet, create an account, deposit USDC and Start Trading.
  4. Head to the OptiFi Market Maker (OMM) & Stake to Earn. OptiFi Market Maker (OMM) uses a delta-neutral strategy, where all users can contribute USDC into OMM vaults to generate yield via providing liquidity. You will receive LP tokens as a receipt of the USDC you deposited in your OptiFi account. Adding liquidity into OMM is not risk-free. Please consider all applicable risks before depositing.

Step-by-Step Guide ''OptiFi Speculative Airdrop''

▪️ Having interacted with the platform before TGE, may give you a chance to be eligible in a possible future Airdrop! Remember, This is just a high-probability speculative Airdrop. Join OptiFi on Twitter & Discord to stay up to date on announcements. Good Luck!

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