Talaxeum Airdrop challenge prize pool is worth $25,000 in $TALAX tokens + $2,100 in $USDC  (BEP-20 Stable Coin) + 3 NFTs (~$ 1.500).

About Talaxeum

Talaxeum is a blockchain-based currency & Talaverse platform specializing in supporting green projects. Bringing together those who are interested in offsetting carbon footprints and those who work in the field of agroforestry in getting their projects funded through decentralized tokens. Talaxeum prioritizes ease of use for users to offset their carbon footprints through supporting different green projects and/or purchasing carbon credit tokens.

$TALAX is a BEP-20 token that may be used to purchase products, fund projects, swapped, staked, paid to employees, etc. At the moment, Talaxeum already secured several partnerships where each will use TALAX as its main currency in its ecosystem.

Talaxeum will create a platform for exchange both to FIAT and to other cryptocurrencies. This will see wide use as Talaxeum’s main function is the dispersion of funds and conversion from $TALAX to FIAT.

~$ 28.600 in Total
Approx. value
days left

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Start the Talaxeum Airdrop Telegram Bot.
  2. Join Talaxeum on Telegram Group & Channel. (25 Points)
  3. Follow @Talaxeum on Twitter. (25 Points)
  4. Like, Quote RT pinned Tweet with hashtag #TALAX #greendefitoken #BSC and @tag 3 friends. (25 Points)
  5. Follow @CryptoizOffice on Twitter.
  6. Follow Talaxeum on Instagram & Like the latest post. (25 Points)
  7. Submit your BSC wallet address and details to the Bot.
  8. You can get extra 10 Points by using your referral link to invite your friends!

Step-by-Step Guide ''Talaxeum Airdrop''

▪️ The 25,000 USD worth of $TALAX tokens will be distributed among All valid participant.
▪️ Airdrop Challenge Winners:

  • 1st $1000 USDC + $500 NFT
  • 2nd $500 USDC + $500 NFT
  • 3rd $300 USDC + $500 NFT
  • 4th $200 USDC
  • 5th $100 USDC
  • Like and share the Talaxeum Airdrop on your favourite SM! 
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