Wombat x Womplay


The Wombat Airdrop has been successfully completed! Congratulations to the 1,000 lucky winners who will be announced very soon!

Womplay users can earn Free $WOMBAT, $pBTC, $EOS and NFTs as rewards for participating in platform activities, downloading and playing Free-To-Play games, participating in and winning challenges, completing quests, trading on the Wombat NFT Marketplace and using other functions of the Wombat App.

About Wombat

The Wombat App is the home of NFT gaming that allows users to play to earn Free $WOMBAT, $pBTC, $EOS and NFT tokens just for playing and having fun.

Play, trade and earn in Free-To-Play Games with millions of others and enjoy complete control of all your assets. They are the creators of the popular Wombat Dungeon Master game.

Wombat x Womplay

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Log into Womplay using your social login (Google/Apple/Facebook/Twitter account).
  2. Play a wide variety of Free-To-Play games, and earn Wombucks which can be converted to $pBTC or $EOS. You can also earn FREE NFTs simply by playing and having fun.
  3. Join the Wombat Gamers community on Discord & Participate in regular Giveaways and Fun Events.
  4. Try the Wombat Dungeon Master game. You can earn in-game NFT equipment and $WAX tokens.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Womplay Play-to-Earn''

▪️ Alternatively, $WOMBAT hodlers will be allowed to Stake WOMBAT on Wax or Polygon to receive many additional benefits. Have Fun! 

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