yPredict AI


yPredict Airdrop is worth 111 $YPRED (~$ 5) for joining + 22 $YPRED (~$ 1) for each referral.

About yPredict

yPredict AI is the “all-in-one” Cutting-edge crypto research & trading platform made for crypto enthusiasts & Pro traders. yPredict AI automatically detects hundreds of bullish & bearish chart patterns and candlestick patterns. Generating real-time alerts when certain patterns are formed along with a reliability score, on basis of the overall accuracy of expected price behavior post-pattern formation.

$YPRED works as a default & discounted payment option for marketplace subscription payments and all premium offerings on the yPredict ÐApp.

~$ 5 + referral
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide yPredict AI Airdrop

  1. Start the yPredict Airdrop Telegram Bot.

  2. Join yPredict on Telegram Channel & Group.

  3. Follow @yPredict_AI & @realRajSharma on Twitter.

  4. Like, retweet & Comment on pinned Tweet @tagging 3 people.

  5. Enable Push Notifications.

  6. Submit your Polygon wallet address.

Step-by-Step Guide ''yPredict Airdrop''

▪️ If your entry is accepted, Rewards would be allocated to your wallet address on the 20th of December 2022 & Unlocked at TGE for claim through the yPredict ÐApp. Stay active on Telegram for updates. Good Luck!
Note: This Airdrop is labelled with the ''Unverified'' label because the team info is limited!

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