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Automated Airdrops in your wallet

Without all the work

Tired of joining airdrops already?

We have the solution for you…

Register with our pro plan to auto receive crypto airdrops in your wallet.

A minimum of 4 airdrops per month will be airdropped to you. With well known projects and new upcoming tokens in your wallet, you can sit back and watch the market develop over the next couple of years.

AirdropAlert receives tokens from many blockchain projects as a referral bonus for sending users to their airdrop. We’re giving these tokens to our subscribers. The ERC20 tokens will be distributed amongst our Pro-Subscribers!

You can earn Ethereum by referring your friends to our pro-plan!

AirdropAlert Pro features

Save Time

Save Effort

More Rewards

Payments accepted

How does it work?

AirdropAlert Pro features


AirdropAlert Pro features

How many airdrops do I get?

You’ll receive a minimum of 4 different tokens per month. We’re distributing our referral tokens, so the more referral rewards we earn the more tokens you get!

Do you need to do anything else?

No, absolutely not. We designed this program for our users who love airdrops, but are tired of joining and following hundreds of crypto Twitters & Telegram’s.

Simply sign up with Airdrop Alert and you will receive regular crypto airdrops in your wallet without doing all the hard work.

Why are we giving away our referral bonus?

Every year we list hundreds of free airdrops for our users to collect. Are you willing to join every one of them?

With our airdrop subscription service, you don’t need to complete any task to get your airdrops.

Over the past year, we noticed some loyal users who got tired of collecting all the freebies. We decided to include them back in the airdrop fun, with the intro of our Automated Airdrop subscription model.

Additionally we’re building an airdrop service for projects who want to distribute their tokens to a broad audience, without actually running a marketing campaign for it. This way the projects and reach our users more effectively.

Can I still join all the free airdrops?

Yes you can! We’re not joining the crypto airdrops on your behalf. We’re giving away our own referral rewards

Find all the new airdrops here.

Can I stop the subscription?

You can cancel the subscription at any time.

How do I collect tokens while doing nothing?

A cryptocurrency airdrop require you to complete a few tasks. Most often this includes, join a telegram channel or follow a Twitter account. This sounds easy to collect a few coins right? It is easy, but it also isn’t.

The free airdrop coins of 2019 will more often ask you to do more than just boost their Telegram and Twitter. You’ll be asked to complete KYC, upvote Reddit accounts, Like them on Facebook and subscribe to their YouTube.

That’s why Airdrop Alert decided to make it easy for users to get some airdropped coins with the Pro-Plan.

What about NEO, TRON and Stellar airdrops?

Currently we only support airdrops on the Ethereum platform.

Which wallet should I use?

Use a wallet that supports ERC-20 tokens. We have several guides on how to set one up like My Ether Wallet or Metamask.

Avoid exchange wallets, as they most often do not support airdrops.

Which tokens have you given away uptill now?

We have already given out a list of tokens to our early pro subscribers which included: OmiseGo, BAT, Carry Token and Solve.Care..

Can I refer friends to the Pro-Plan?

Yes you can and you’ll earn €2 (paid in Ether) per successful registration. You can find your referral link in your airdrop dashboard account in your profile.

Find out more about the airdrop referral rewards in our blog.

Is there any discounts available?

Yes, if you purchase a 6 month plan you’ll get 10% off.

And with a full year plan you’ll get a 25% discount.

Which payment methods do you accept?

Currently we accept PayPal, Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and Ripple (XRP).