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Did you know the average person wastes approximately 210 hours, or nearly two working weeks, going to the office and back home. Benjamin Franklin famously stated that time is money, and with the influx of  in home-working and digital nomad opportunities the time spent on going back and forward to meet your boss, can be used actually earning income.

From joining crypto airdrops to manning a virtual office, working from home can provide and ongoing source of income from locations as comfortable as your own couch to exotic beaches of Thailand. An internet connection with a laptop of mobile phone can be enough to start living the digital nomad lifestyle. This is the exact situation Airdrop Alert got started in. While travelling the world, the founders started the airdrop platform as a way to earn extra money while travelling.

Working from home no longer has the reputation of “lazy people”. Since a few years ago the number of remote workers have actually been increasing. According to the Office of National Statistics in 2010 there were 1.3 million home workers and 3.7m employees who occasionally work from home or use home as a base. Not everyone found out the secret how to make free money online.

Working from home has countless advantages:

1. Work for international corporations from a location of your choosing: Multinational companies have been outsourcing their work to other countries for years and now employees can bid for roles outside of their geographical remit. Whether it’s customer support, content writing, bounty hunting or coding.

2. Leave behind the 9 to 5: According to Tim Ferris (author of The four hour work week), he argues that this is all the time needed to generate a healthy income as you let passive income streams do all the hard work for you. While this might not be the case for everyone, it teaches us a lesson in efficiency and thinking outside of the box.

3. Follow your dreams: Working remotely gives you options to set your own schedule. Want to take that yoga class during work hours? No problem, schedule that business call in the evening. As long as you get your work done, your free to plan the activities you’re passionate about.

4. Be a portfolio worker: Who says you have to work for one boss or company? You can set up contracts with businesses for a fee, which isn’t your complete salary. Often you can actually earn more by working for 4-5 different companies, doing the exact same thing! This also reduces the risk of losing your job. If you lose one employee, you still have the others to fall back on. You can even experiment in accepting payments in cryptocurrency for one of your jobs. This way you start earning bitcoin, which could become a life changing choice. Only the future will know it for sure.

5. Optimize your taxes: Depending on which country you live in, several governments have friendly tax rules for entrepreneurs or people who work from home or earn in Bitcoin. Find a good tax lawyer, he might save you a lot of cash.

Top Methods for Working from Home

Don’t get caught up in Netflix’s newest releases. Although research has indicated that home-working can actually be more productive, daily distractions such as your phone, adorable cat or your hot girlfriend can keep you from getting things done. To succeed, you better come up with a structured plan to work from home.

Here are some tips & tricks that will take your working from home skills to the next level

1)  a routine:

Are you a night owl, or early bird? Whatever flying animal you are, you better get a routine going! My personal favorite routine, which I’ve used for over a year, includes some Wim Hof methods. Here it goes: Wake up at 8 Am, light workout of 20 minutes, 15 min meditation, followed by a cold shower. This would get me sharp and ready for a full day of work.

2) Get a desk

Weather you have a desk in your bedroom or you get an office in a skyscraper, everyone needs a place to work. Especially when you work from home or remotely you want to create a space where you go into “workmode”. I’ve spend many hours in co-working space across the globe. I find those environments very pleasant to work at, as you’re meeting fellow minded digital entrepreneurs. 

3) Dress the part:

Even though you’re working from home, nobody wants to get on a conference call with someone in his bathrobe. It’s also proven that males have higher testosterone and confidence levels, when wearing a suit.  

4) Stay healthy

Your body is your temple, and your mind needs a healthy temple to perform at its best. Eat healthy and maintain a basic fitness level. This also works well when you’re building a routine. Your mind has to be sharp to optimally work from home.

5) Manage your time effectively:

Use online tools such as Outlook Task Manager and or Google Calendar to keep track of your time and appointments. Remember that time is your most valuable asset, so spend it efficiently. 

6) Stay connected:

Humans are social beings, you need some sort of social life. While working remote you can isolate yourself easily, so be aware of that. Make sure to meet your friends, family or head to business events to be among fellow homo-sapiens.

7) Manage your money:

Money is fast spend but hard to earn. So make sure you keep good track of whatever expendables you have over the next 6 months and plan your budgets accordingly. A classic mistake of many early entrepreneurs is that they spend or invest their money to aggressively, only to go broke months or years later.  

8) Don’t keep all your savings in crypto

A dangerous road to walk if you’re earning money online is to keep it all in cryptocurrency. Especially when you work in the blockchain industry, it’s easy to become overly confident about the future potential of this technology. Be smart, cash out enough ethereum to be able to pay the bills for at least a few months. 

Need money? Read on..

If you pay attention around you, most problems start with the lack of money. With inflation issues, wars, economic sanctions and declining economies, many people are economic victims of their governments problems. Therefor we see that many people like yourself, are trying to create sources of income while working on the internet. 

If you’re not born with a silver spoon, you better have a good work ethic to earn money online. It sounds easy, but you’ll need to be willing to work hard and be consistent. Even joining airdrops can become a job, with the many projects who give away free coins.

Money comes to those who claim it. Are you ready to work hard for that extra cash? Become that hustler you know you are deeply inside! Create that content, join those bounties, or finish that line of code! Whatever you do, don’t miss out on the free cryptocurreyncy airdrops you can find on Airdrop Alert. From all the things you can do online, this must be one of the easiest ways to work from home.

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