100 Portraits


CrypToDAM x DIMO NFT Airdrop is worth 100 NFT mystery boxes and 5 SSRs for 100 random lucky participants & Top 5 referrers will get 1 NFT each.

This event is hosted by a two million follower designer 100, CrypToDAM, DIMO Official, and co-organized by several NPOs in Asia! 

About DIMO

DIMO is a global digital healthcare and welfare platform underlying blockchain technology and decentralized finance. DIMO aims to establish a healthcare and welfare ecosystem with five core elements- "finance + health + technology + real estate + services". Real estate and healthcare services are still the foundation of the system, finance and technology will be the bridge to the future health metaverse for global human beings.

“100 world, 100 portraits, 100 careers” aims to track back to the beginning of Fayum #Portraits in 100 AD, and provide portraits 100 years before the ending of AD. In this way, "100 World" NFT will be a forever valuable expression medium to contain imaginations of various industries in the future.

~$ 30,000 Prize pool
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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