Agoraverse Bounty Campaign prize fund is worth 1,500,000 $AGORA + 500 $USDT tokens.

About Agoraverse

Agoraverse is the metaverse for e-commerce, a web 3.0 immersive virtual shopping center powered by the Solana blockchain. The Agora aims to replicate the thrill of finding products enabling people to see objects in 3D and test them on their avatar. 

The Agora will feature clothing shops, furniture stores, and art shops, including NFTs and any use case that fits with the Metaverse. It will also feature mini-games & leisure areas like restaurants, bars & clubs for roleplayers and gamers.

A Metashop is a shop inside the Agora. It is owned by a brand or an individual that sells digital or material goods. Each store is an Access Card NFT that proves ownership that can be bought, exchanged and rented. 

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Agoraverse Airdrop

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Step-by-Step Guide ''Agoraverse Bounty Campaign''

▪️ 100 randomly picked participants will receive 10,500 $AGORA tokens Each.
▪️ Article contest: 
1st place: 250,000 $AGORA — 2nd place: 150,000 $AGORA — 3rd place: 50,000 $AGORA
▪️ Referral contest: 
1st place: 300 $USDT — 2nd place: 150 $USDT — 3rd place: 50 $USDT
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