Aleo – Testnet


@AleoHQ is a Layer-1 blockchain that's zero-knowledge proof, offering a unique blend of privacy and scalability. As Aleo advances toward its Mainnet and a token launch in Q1 2024, the Testnet offers a unique opportunity to explore privacy-centric blockchain innovations.

About Aleo

Aleo is the world's first full-stack development blockchain for private applications, harnessing the power of Zero-Knowledge Proof technology to deliver unparalleled speed, integrity, and scalability. This approach is revolutionizing the way secure and efficient applications are built for a decentralized internet, ensuring user privacy without sacrificing performance.

Aleo simplifies complex technology into manageable chunks, anchored by snarkOS. For a practical experience in building an Aleo app, explore "Leo Lessons – Episode 1" on YouTube.

Aleo – Testnet

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Step by step guide Aleo – Testnet Airdrop

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Step-by-Step Guide ”Aleo – Testnet Ecosystem”

▪️ Aleo is preparing for its Mainnet launch with ongoing testing and incentive plans for network validators, so staying updated with Aleo’s announcements is advisable for future opportunities.

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