Algoblocks X Comearth


Algoblocks X Comearth Partnership Giveaway prize pool is worth $2,500 of Rewards for 62 lucky winners. Everyone can participate and have an opportunity to win $30-$70 worth of rewards ($ALGOBLK Token, Comearth VIP Entry NFT, Algo-NFT, Land NFT WLs).

About Comearth & Algoblocks

AlgoBlocks is an ecosystem to simplify the manual progress for users to interact with the existing DeFi protocols across different blockchains. Discover, Invest, Manage, and Personalize in One Place. Its mission is “Making DeFi Work For You”.

Comearth is a gamified, social e-commerce virtual world with 8 continents enabling businesses, brands, gamers, influencers & individuals to curate immersive experiences and engage their fans using VR and Polygon blockchain technology.

Algoblocks X Comearth

~$ 8,500
Approx. value
days left

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Login to the Algoblocks X Comearth Partnership Giveaway Gleam page.
  2. Follow @ComearthHQ & @Algoblockstrade on Twitter.
  3. Join Comearth on Discord & Win Land NFT Airdrop.
  4. Join Algoblocks on Discord & Win ALGO-NFT Airdrop.
  5. Join Algoblocks on Telegram & Shoutout "C X A".
  6. Join Algoblocks on Telegram & Shoutout "C X A".
  7. Submit your Polygon wallet address & Refer Friends For Extra Entries.
  8. Also, the AlgoBlocks Beta II Waiting List Registration is live on Galxe & Crew3, with up to $3,000 in $ALGOBLK, Extra 5% Staking APR Boost, and more Airdrop. Grab your chance now before it runs out!

Step-by-Step Guide ''Algoblocks X Comearth Partnership Giveaway''

β–ͺ️ Rewards for 47x Eligible Random Winners:
πŸ† 1x Random winner will receive - ALGO-NFT ARMY (worth $50) 
πŸ† 1x Random winner will receive - $25 worth of $ALGOBLK Token 
πŸ† 15x Random winner will receive - VIP ENTRY NFT Airdrop + LAND NFT WL (worth $50-$70 each) 
πŸ† 10x Random winner will receive - ALGO-NFT BUILDER (worth $35 each)
πŸ† 20x Random winner will receive - ALGO-NFT TESTER (worth $20 each)

β–ͺ️ Top 15 Referrers Rewards:
πŸ† 1st will receive - ALGO-NFT ARMY + VIP ENTRY NFT Airdrop (worth $120) 
πŸ† 2nd will receive - ALGO-NFT ARMY + $25 worth in $ALGOBLK Token each
πŸ† 3rd-4th will receive - ALGO-NFT ARMY each

πŸ† 5th-10th will receive - VIP ENTRY NFT Airdrop + LAND NFT WL each
πŸ† 10th-15th will receive - ALGO-NFT BUILDER

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