Altitude – Mainnet


Following the Altitude Testnet success, Altitude Mainnet has taken off, unveiling its revolutionary blue-chip asset bridge, powered by LayerZero technology.

Prepare to explore this advancement and qualify for retroactive $ALTD token Airdrop via Altitude app. Welcome to an era where Cross-Chain Transactions are Made Easy!

About Altitude

Altitude is a composable blue-chip native asset bridging solution engineered on top of LayerZero, enabling instant, guaranteed finality for cross-chain transfers.

Supporting Ethereum, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism, and more, Altitude enables users to effortlessly and securely transfer assets across chains with lightning-fast transaction speeds and minimal bridging fees.

The native token of Altitude, $ALTD, is a governance token that can be farmed by proving liquidity for supported tokens.

Altitude – Mainnet

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

  1. Head over to the Altitude DeFi web app.
  2. Easily Bridge blue-chip tokens across Ethereum, BNB, Avalanche, Optimism, Arbitrum, and Polygon.
  3. Provide Liquidity in single-asset staking pools without the fear of impermanent loss, and Farm your LP tokens to earn a mountain of $ALTD rewards.
  4. Stake $ALTD to earn rewards and join governance initiatives through $gALTD on Ethereum.
  5. Dive into $ALTD farming and trading alongside launch partners @TraderJoe_xyz and @CamelotDEX. This is your chance to gather $JOE and $GRAIL tokens, along your climb.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Altitude - Mainnet'' 

▪️ Users may qualify for the retroactive $ALTD token Airdrop from a 5% strategically allocated supply. Best of luck!

When using decentralized applications (ÐApps), it’s critical to remember that YOU are responsible for the security of your digital assets!
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