Ambit Finance


Ambit Finance launches its Airdrop campaign, designed to incentivize liquidity contribution and platform engagement, intending to establish $AUSD as a leading yield-enhanced stablecoin.

This initiative commits to allocating 5% of the $AMBT token supply for distribution across multiple seasons, starting post-TGE in Q2 2024, aiming to foster community engagement.

About Ambit Finance

Ambit Finance revolutionizes DeFi, seamlessly integrating yield generation, lending, and investment strategies into a user-centric platform. Through a $USDT vault, it generates $AUSD, a stablecoin designed to maintain its value while enhancing liquidity.

With innovative features like isolated collateral and a portfolio health system, Ambit sets a new standard for secure and adaptable DeFi engagement, backed by Binance Labs.

5% of the $AMBT token supply
Approx. value
days left

Step by step guide

  1. Head over to the Ambit Finance web3 app platform.
  2. Connect your wallet and switch to the BSC network.
  3. Deposit USDT to mint $AUSD and boost your points by 1.5x.
  4. Earn points by supplying whitelisted assets to create a borrowing position.
  5. (i.e. $WBTC, $WETH, $BNB, $CAKE, $USDT, $AUSD)
  6. Earn points by borrowing, contributing to the lending market s activity.
  7. Provide liquidity to $AUSD pairs on PancakeSwap to accumulate points.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Ambit Finance - $AMBT Airdrop''

▪️ Ambit Points will accumulate daily throughout the Airdrop seasons. Best of luck!

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