FORTH governance Airdrop is worth free $FORTH to anyone who has interacted with the AMPL ecosystem on-chain before the Snapshot. 


FORTH is a new governance token that completes the AMPL ecosystem by putting control of the protocol in the hands of the community. The launch of the FORTH governance token is an important step for the project’s path toward decentralization. 

AMPL (Ampleforth) is an independent financial primitive that does not rely on centralized collateral or lenders of last resort. It's like Bitcoin, except it can be used in contracts. It uses an Ethereum protocol that automatically adjusts its native token supply.

Snapshot based
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Ampleforth Airdrop

  1. Visit the $FORTH Airdrop page.

  2. Connect with your Metamask wallet to sign in.

  3. Claim your Free $FORTH tokens. Everyone who has interacted with the AMPL ecosystem on-chain before the snapshot block taken on: 03/30/21 is eligible to claim a portion of the Forth network. Over 80,000 people are eligible. For more information, please check this Medium blog.

Step-by-Step Guide ”$FORTH Airdrop”
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You are not eligible? No worries, you can still have the possibility to learn how it works and Earn free FORTH tokens with CoinbaseFor more learn and earn programs, check out our Learn & Earn blog.
How can I help? Broader distribution is a better distribution. The $FORTH token is being entrusted to the widest possible network of holders who have a vested interest in $AMPL. You can help by making sure all of your friends and followers know to claim their tokens. #MayTheForthBeWithYou
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