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Arena Games, a trailblazing innovator and member of the Silicon Valley VC family, revolutionizing the gaming industry with advanced play-to-earn mechanics and exclusive NFT utilities, is rolling out an exhilarating Airdrop Expedition featuring a huge prize pool of 10,000,000 $AGP tokens. 🪂

Embark on a thrilling expedition where you can tackle challenges, mint rare NFTs, and earn valuable points to claim your share of the rewards. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity!

About Arena Games

Arena Games is a cutting-edge web3 gaming platform that bridges traditional gaming with the GameFi world. It allows game creators and players to mint NFTs, manage digital assets, and leverage blockchain technology to enhance both gameplay and real ownership experiences.

Deployed on @0xPolygon, @SkaleNetwork, @LineaBuild, and @MantaNetwork, Arena Games ensures seamless gameplay with multichain interoperability leveraging LayerZero technology.

The $AGP token powers the Arena Games platform, offering a range of utilities. Players can use $AGP tokens for breeding and crafting NFTs, staking for rewards, accessing special tournaments, and unlocking exclusive game features. The token also provides governance rights, loyalty rewards, NFT marketplace perks, and advertising slots, enriching the players overall gaming experience.

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Step by step guide Arena Games Airdrop

  1. Register on the Arena Games Airdrop platform and connect your EVM wallet.

  2. Register on SesameLabs and complete simple social quests to accumulate points and claim your NFT badges. Spin the wheel every day to earn extra points!

  3. Master four adventures to at least level 7 and be one of the first to mint one of the 1,000 FREE Genesis NFTs available.

  4. Invite your friends and you’ll both earn credits when they complete a quest.

* Stay tuned for upcoming adventures like the SKALE Arcane Merge Puzzle Challenge and Manta’s Pipe Runner Escape exciting campaigns, and not only!


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