Assembly Fair Launch & Token Distribution is worth 70% of the $ASMB total supply to be distributed to @IOTA holders and builders in the Assembly ecosystem.

Are you ready to fuel massive growth & adoption? Take part, own your world and build!

About Assembly

Assembly is a permissionless protocol to build and interact with smart contracts cheaper, faster and more easily. Tokenize anything without fees, create any token such as NFTs and transfer them between chains without paying any fees or reduced security. The @IOTA network plays a special role in helping to bootstrap and secures the Assembly network. Assembly is featured on CoinTelegraph.

The sharded architecture allows for horizontal scaling. Anyone can define and create their own smart contract chain, tailored to their needs and define lucrative incentive structures and flexible execution fees as low as $0.

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Step by step guide Assembly Airdrop

  1. Visit the Assembly Fair Launch & Token Distribution blog, and read carefully.

  2. The initial token distribution of $ASMB will be 100 billion tokens, which will be fully vested over five years and distributed to the various network participants and early contributors:

Step-by-Step Guide ''Assembly Fair Launch & Token Distribution Airdrop''
▪️ Assembly will provide incentives to all $IOTA token holders by distributing 20%, or 20 billion $ASMB tokens, over a span of two years to IOTA Stakers. This will allow anyone to participate in the launch of the Assembly network and get tokens simply by staking. Calculate your IOTA staking reward!
▪️ To fuel the community governance of Assembly, 50% of the $ASMB supply (50 billion) is dedicated to community-governed DAOs, developer and governance incentives and grants. Each recipient group underlies various distribution, vesting and unlocking schemes explained in the course of this article.
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