We are excited to bring you the new BitSafe Exclusive Airdrop!


About BitSafe

BitSafe aims to provide cryptocurrency users an easy to use payment system, a payment method that will be familiar from traditional banking and modern payment apps. Not only focusing on consumers, also for businesses will it be easier to accept cryptocurrency payments for goods and services online and in store. Dean Nolan (CEO BitSafe) has worked in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency industry since 2012 and is the CEO of one of the first Bitcoin betting websites,, launched in 2013.


KYC update

KYC is going to play a bigger role in the near future for crypto & airdrops. KYC once with AirdropAlert's partner Civic and you will be elibile for all the exlcusive airdrop campaigns we host. You will also be KYC'd for every project that uses Civic KYC, which makes it convient for your crypto experience.

Did you already complete KYC with Civic before? Simple scan the QR code for KYC and you are done! 

Did you complete KYC with before? Log into your dashboard to check if you are KYC approaved. If that is a Yes, then you are all good!


BitSafe Airdrop

BitSafe is airdropping 20 BTSC Tokens (~$4) to a maximum of 5000 airdrop participants and 5 BTSC tokens (~$1) for every referral. Simply complete KYC with Civic, Join BitSafe Telegram and Twitter. Click on Claim Airdrop button below, to submit your details. You will receive a confirmation email and a personal referral link.

If you have questions about the airdrop, please read our BitSafe Airdrop FAQ.


Airdrop Form

If you click on the ''CLAIM AIRDROP'' button below to claim the BitSafe Excluisve Airdrop, it wil bring you to the Airdrop Form.


$4 + referral
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide BitSafe Airdrop

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