Blast_Score has teased an upcoming Fair Airdrop Distribution (FAD) while providing participants the opportunity to earn coveted NFT badges and BlastScore points (bXP), reflecting their activity and serving as the main criteria for the Airdrop. Don't miss out!

BlastScore will share a part of their Blast Airdrop with users based on their bXP score.

About BlastScore

BlastScore is building the first identity protocol implementing Blast technology to revolutionize Web3 reputation and address issues related to Airdrop farming and bot interference.

BlastScore evaluates on-chain metrics, such as transactions, Yield-related activities, and past airdrop actions, to ensure fairer and more substantial rewards based on wallet reputation.

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Step by step guide

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Step-by-Step Guide ''BlastScore - Fair-Airdrop-Distribuion''

▪️ bXP serves as a core element of the ecosystem and a key Airdrop criterion. Best of Luck! 
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