@BloodLoopGAME🔺 is launching an electrifying Play-To-Airdrop event, offering millions in $BLS token rewards, collectibles, and merchandise every week for three months, setting the stage for an epic treasure hunt within the BloodLoop universe🩸. Secure your Airdrop eligibility! 🪂

About BloodLoop

BloodLoop is a groundbreaking 5v5 tactical Hero-Shooter MMO game that fuses exciting gameplay with web3 technology on a custom Avalanche Subnet blockchain, offering players a frictionless gaming experience while ensuring easy access and in-game asset ownership.

The game's economy is fueled by the $BLS token, capped at 350 million, and features deflationary mechanisms through crafting and tournaments, which enriches player involvement in the competitive world of BloodLoop.

The BLS IDO phase will take place on the Seedify.Fund Launchpad, the leading web3 launchpad, on March 28th and 29th, 2024.

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Step by step guide

  1. Head to the BloodLoop Play To Airdrop onboarding page.
  2. Register with your email and claim your on-chain username.
  3. Mint your Energy daily for 7 days to unlock your Battle Pass.
  4. Complete daily Quests to earn credits and boost your rank.
  5. Invite your friends to earn a share of the 200,000 $BLS pool.

Step-by-Step Guide ''BloodLoop🔺 - $BLS Play-To-Airdrop''

▪️ Millions of $BLS will be up for grabs, with 20,000$ already available in referral rewards! 🪂

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