Cat Coin Sphynx


Cat Coin Sphynx Airdrop is worth 100,000 $SPYX Cat tokens each to the first 100 to join Telegram & 1 GENESIS NFT for holding $SPYX Cat tokens​​​.

About Cat Coin Sphynx

Cat Coin Sphynx ($SPYX) is a decentralized Meme token that evolved into a vibrant challenger of crypto Dogs. Cat coin Sphynx is owned by the community and has been created by the community and everyone who decides to join the adventure.

Cat Coin Sphynx understands the power of Meme coins and they want to send this Cat to the moon. The long term goal is also to create a community of artists who can become famous through SPYX NFT Airdrops.

Cat Coin Sphynx

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Step by step guide

  1. Join Cat Coin Sphynx on Telegram.
  2. Submit your BSC wallet address and Telegram username to the Form. The first 100 users to join will earn 100,000 $SPYX Cat tokens.
  3. Receive a GENESIS NFT for holding $SPYX Cat coins. HIS GRACE, SPYX has the pleasure to announce the First Two Rounds of the Games:

Step-by-Step Guide ''Cat Coin Sphynx Airdrop''

Between December 15th and December 25th, there will be a snapshot of all wallets holding  $SPYX Cat coins. The SNAPSHOT day and hour is randomly chosen to avoid fraud.
 ▪️ Those wallets with a balance above 10 million $SPYX Cat coins will be eligible to claim a TIER 2 Cat Coin GENESIS NFT.
 ▪️ Those wallets with a balance above 100 million $SPYX Cat coins will be eligible to claim a TIER 1 Cat Coin GENESIS NFT.

Everybody is invited to post a Meme on the SPYX Facebook page or Twitter with the hashtag #spyxairdrop and mention the Cat Coin Sphynx website.
 ▪️ The author of the most shared meme until March the 1st gets 25 million $SPYX Cat coins.
 ▪️ The second classified get 10 million $SPYX Cat coins. Greetings to all of you SPYXers and Enjoy the Games!

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Disclaimer: Investors should take the time to research any given product before they invest their funds (DYOR). 

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