CEEK Raffle


CEEK Airdrop Raffle is worth a chance to win different Exclusive prizes: 1 CEEK VR Headset, 2 CEEK 4D Headphones, and 10 participants get 10,000 $CEEK tokens each, the 3 top referrers and 7 random lucky Winners

About CEEK

CEEK.com is a streaming platform for virtual events and Virtual Reality experiences featuring the biggest names in music, sports and entertainment from around the globe. CEEK's mission is to enable content creators to directly generate revenue from a global audience on multiple devices including Smart TVs, gaming consoles, mobile, desktop devices and CEEK 4D Headphones. CEEK’s patented VR HEADSET bundles are currently sold at major retailers nationwide as they continue to innovate on the blockchain.

CEEK VR, Inc.’s (US company) partnership agreement with Universal Music Group grants rights to live performances with top tier artists including Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, U2, Sting, Neyo and more! CEEK.io has upcoming releases with major studios and influential producers. CEEK is a premium destination for virtual reality music concerts, entertainment & exciting experiences, and connects music artists, athletes, and other digital content creators directly to their fans.

Exclusive prizes
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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide CEEK Raffle Airdrop

  1. Start the CEEK Airdrop Raffle Telegram Bot.

  2. Follow @CEEK on Twitter. (Mandatory)

  3. Like and Quote retweet this Tweet & Comment: “I would love to see (@tag 1 artist) on CEEK, wouldn t you (@tag 1 friend)”. (Mandatory)

  4. Provide your email address for the CEEK newsletter. (Mandatory)

  5. Refer friends to increase chances of winning. Every referred friend will give you an extra ticket for the Raffle. A confirmed account is the one that completed all the mandatory steps of the Airdrop.

Step-by-Step Guide ''CEEK Airdrop Raffle''
CEEK enables content creators to monetize their work using CEEK’s patent award-winning virtual events streaming platform to reach audiences all over the world. CEEK unlocks new revenue streams for music artists and creators, offering a brand-new way to directly reach and monetize their fanbase.
$CEEK tokens enable real-time artist payments verified on the blockchain, ensuring fast, efficient and seamless monetization for music artists and content creators.

If you like the CEEK Airdrop Raffle, don't forget to like and comment below! The previous CEEK Airdrop has been successfully completed!

Disclaimer: Investors should take the time to research any given product before they invest their funds.

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