CEX·IO – Power Tap


Get set for an electrifying rush as CEX.IO Power Tap makes waves on Telegram! With over 10,000 players already captivated, the excitement surrounding this thrilling mini-game is undeniable. ⚡

?‍♂️ Ride the wave of excitement and brace yourself to be hooked as you set sail on this thrilling journey! ? It’s not just about having a blast—it’s your ticket to scoring big in $CEXP tokens! ??

About CEX·IO

CEX·IO stands out as a reputable and fully regulated cryptocurrency exchange established in 2013, recognized for secure and seamless trading. Its intuitive platform offers smooth fiat-to-crypto transactions, opening a dependable gateway to the dynamic cryptocurrency market.

CEX·IO Earn provides users with a straightforward way to earn yields on their cryptocurrency, emphasizing the exchange’s commitment to transparent, beneficial financial opportunities.

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Step by step guide CEX·IO – Power Tap Airdrop

  1. Start the CEX·IO Power Tap mini-game Telegram Bot, and enter your email.

  2. Tap, tap, tap to earn $CEXP tokens, and explore the Tasks tab to find social tasks that boost your earnings. Keep an eye on the refill timer to maximize your earnings.

  3. Visit the Farm tab to start token farming and increase your $CEXP balance.

  4. Invite friends to join your squad and double the fun and earnings together.

▪️ Stay tuned for exciting updates on how you can use $CEXP tokens. Tap, tap, tap! ??

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