CloutContracts EVM Node


Exciting news for the CloutContracts community! The highly anticipated CloutContracts Main EVM Node Launch is on the horizon, bringing new opportunities for developers and enthusiasts alike. While the RPC node is currently in beta and experimentation mode, this event represents a major step forward for the CloutContracts ecosystem.

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About CloutContracts

CloutContracts is a next-gen blockchain development platform targeting creators and social influencers looking to quickly deploy their network or even professional blockchain architects. They are interpolable and multichain compatible. 

Given the technological capabilities, CloutContracts aims to be the next big thing in the industry and be one of the most used platforms for ÐApps development and deployment. With CloutContracts, they are also planning many third-party integrations such as pegs, a high-speed sidechain and even technologies like the Agoric SDK or various DeFi protocols. They also target many decentralized social media platforms such as and others.

CloutContracts EVM Node

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Step-by-Step Guide ”CloutContracts Main EVM Node Launch”

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