CoinBundle #2


CoinBundle is a new crypto-investing platform, backed by top Silicon Valley investors, Y-Combinator and recently approved for a strategic partnership with a government of the Philippines. With CoinBundle users will be able to invest into the bundles of cryptocurrencies, that will allow them to minimize the risks.

CoinBundle is giving its second airdrop bonus of 100 BNDL for signing up and 100 BNDL for sharing on social-media (200 BNDL total). CoinBundle is also continuing to give away 100 BNDL for every person you refer or invite to sign-up for the platform. This gives you the chance to earn up to 15,200 CoinBundle Tokens. The campaign will end on May, 31.

How to join?

  • 1. Must do: Sign up for Coinbundle Referral program on with a valid email (100 BNDL)
  • Just put your email address, sign up and start inviting your friends! You MUST sign up for the referral program to be able to get the invitation link to the platform where you’ll have to verify your account. If you didn’t sign-up and provide the correct email address, the CoinBundle Team won’t be able to give you your tokens.
  • If you have already signed up for Round 1, you cannot sign up again, but you can keep inviting your friends to get the maximum referral bonus tokens – 15,000 BNDL.
  • You will also receive 100 BNDL if you complete all of the following tasks:
  • 2. Follow on Twitter, retweet post 1 and post 2 (50 BNDL if you complete all the steps)

  • 3. Like and follow on Facebook, share post 1 and post 2 (50 BNDL if you complete all the steps)
  • After you finished these tasks, please, fill and submit this participation form. You will receive 50 BNDL for the Facebook tasks and 50 BNDL for the Twitter tasks — for a total of 100 tokens. If you finish tasks only in one social network  — you will only get 50 BNDL. If you already follow the pages requested — you just need to share the posts.
  • 4. Complete airdrop form with your ETH address and other details, make sure that you provide the same email address that you used in the referral program.
  • Note: Every single participant (airdrops, referral program and future bounty programs) will have to finish a verification process after the launch of CoinBundle platform. The details will be announced soon on CoinBundle’s pages.

Terms and details of the airdrop and referral campaign in this Medium post.

CoinBundle #2

Up to 15,200 BNDL
Approx. value
days left

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

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