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Corgi NFT Game Whitelist Airdrop prize pool is worth 1 million $COR tokens (1% of Total Supply). 

About Corgi NFT Game

Corgi NFT Game is a turn-based strategy game built on the Binance Smart Chain platform. Highlights here are that the game focuses on character elements and building lands. There are 4 main elements in the game: Earth – Fire – Air – Water, from which form 4 different types of characters: Dog (Earth-type), Cat (Fire-type), Bird (Air-type), Shark (Water-type). Players will build a random team of pets, equip them with different types of items and bring the team to a battle. On the way to adventure, passing by lands, players can take possession and upgrade these lands into barracks to train their pets with special skills, making them real warriors.

Corgi NFT Game

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