CorionX Airdrop is worth up to 400 CORX tokens (~$ 6). Share your referral link to earn 66 CORX tokens (~$ 1) for each referral.

About CorionX

CorionX as an ERC20 utility token by Corion Foundation that stands for the adoption, usage and spreading of stablecoins, Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), Crypto and Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions in daily life to as digital programmable money. The Corion Foundation is a Swiss-based foundation that was founded in 2016 with the aim of helping the development and spread of stablecoins in the world. 

CorionX utility token is not a stablecoin itself but has many benefits and incentives in usage and popularization of stablecoins. Token holders are entitled to be rewarded 2.5% quarterly in the Loyalty Staking program. CorionX Pre-IEO sale is live on Probit Exchange.

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~$ 6 + referral
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide CorionX Airdrop

  1. Start the CorionX Airdrop Telegram Bot.

  2. Join CorionX on Telegram Group and Channel. (Mandatory: 80 CORX)

  3. Follow CorionX on Twitter and retweet the pinned tweet. (Mandatory: 80 CORX)

  4. Perform the optional tasks to earn up to 400 CORX tokens.

  5. Submit your Ethereum wallet address and details to the Airdrop Telegram Bot.

  6. Share your referral link to earn 66 CORX tokens (~$ 1) for each referral.

Step-by-Step Guide CorionX Airdrop

Note: Airdrop rewards will be distributed to your ETH wallet. The distribution will begin until the end of 2020.

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