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UPDATE 13-3-18 All participant who were ineligible to participate due to insufficient or incorrect data are removed from the airdrop. These participants will receive an email and can join the airdrop again. The airdrop form is now active. Check out this blog to understand the correct way to participate in Crowdvilla airdrop. 

UPDATE 4-3-18 AIRDROP IS FULL!! 30,000 participants joined! We will now verify all users. For frequently asked questions go to Airdrop FAQ

Crowdvilla (by REIDAO) – a community-based sharing economy model for holiday properties.

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About Crowdvilla

Crowdvilla will revolutionise the time-sharing model in real estate. As a community, we will have access to shared holiday homes that we can own and enjoy. The CRV (Crowdvilla) Token is a type of ownership token for the properties under the Crowdvilla portfolio. 

Crowdvilla is now airdropping 720.000 CRV tokens which will be evenly distributed between verified participants. Distribution is after Token Sale between April 7th 2018 and April 14th 2018. The cap is 30.000 participants. 

REIDAO is the tech company that initiated the community owned real estate project through a Non Profit Entity called Crowdvilla. Which is why we are asking you to join both communities.

At completion of the form you will receive a unique referral code! Earn more CRV by referring your friends! 

Link to Airdrop FAQ

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Crowdvilla Exclusive

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