Crypto Carnival 2022


Crypto Carnival 2022 is a virtual conference organized by Rainbow 6ix that will provide you with top-level crypto content, leadership meet-ups, unique blockchain technology demonstrations, and exciting discussions on the current crypto world and its impact, all through an online platform integrated with fun gamification!

About Rainbow 6ix

Rainbow 6ix is a North American agency that specializes in blockchain marketing. Their goal is, by hosting this carnival, to strengthen the connection between crypto world companies, opinion leaders, and users, while having fun gameplays and giveaways like ⭐️Carnival⭐️ setting new standards for blockchain conferences. Rainbow 6ix hope to bring the entire crypto world to you!

▪️ Whether you are an active investor, a blockchain pioneer, a designer, a developer, or a job seeker, you can find the information you need at this carnival. They will hold private job fairs and company virtual exhibition booths for participants with different needs.

▪️ Pioneering opinion leaders will bring you the latest and most rational market analysis and project recommendations.

▪️ Industry-leading company representatives will bring you a thorough introduction to their projects and send out Airdrops/ NFT blind box/ VIP access, Etc.

Crypto Carnival 2022

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Step-by-Step Guide ''Crypto Carnival 2022 Giveaway''

▪️ For all attendees at Crypto Carnival 2022, They have prepared the following rewards:

– $30 VirgoCX coupon
– A mistery reward with the value of $200
– $10 worth of special gift for 50 VIP pass holders each
– 500 upcoming Rainbow 6ix NFT collaboration whitelists.
– Last but not least, the Crypto Carnival 2022 exclusive game challenges with rewards of 10 Tap Fantasy NFT BlindBoxes, 200 Splinterlands NFT spellbooks and 50 Richverse Genesis game access qualifications

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Disclaimer: Investors should take the time to research any given product before they invest their funds (DYOR). 

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