Crypto Valleys


Embark on an electrifying adventure with @CryptoValleys, the ultimate on-chain pixel-art game on Blast! Earn $YIELD tokens, Blast Golds, and Points as you dive into an immersive farming experience like no other!

About Crypto Valleys

Crypto Valleys (CV) is an on-chain pixel-art game where players develop their Valley, farm, form Adventurer parties, and embark on Expeditions, featuring a self-sustaining economy that relies on strategic gameplay instead of token emissions. Key elements include Seeds & Farming, Adventurers & The Guild, and Food & Cooking, offering diverse progression paths.

$YIELD is the native currency of Crypto Valleys, deployed on the Blast network, earned through farming and questing, and allowing purchases of Items & Equipment and Seed Packs, while also facilitating Valley Upgrades, character customization, and participation in Weekly Competitions, with xYIELD & yYIELD enhancing the economy through passive income.

Crypto Valleys

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Step by step guide Crypto Valleys Airdrop

  1. Visit the Crypto Valleys web3 app and connect your wallet.

  2. Navigate to the Market section, select DEX, then input the amount of ETH you wish to swap for $YIELD.

  3. Click on the Vendor to select the type of seeds you want to buy (Feeble, Pico, Basic, or Premium), with each seed type offering different rarities and yields.

  4. Access the Farm section and interact with the Farmer to plant your seeds. Wait for the growth timer to complete, then harvest your crops to earn $YIELD.

▪️ Explore common questions and guides in the “faq-fanmade-prozex” Discord channel.

* Discover Crypto Valleys Phase 2, showcasing new Adventurers, Quests and Expeditions.

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