Cylum Finance


Cylum Finance Airdrop is worth 60 $CYM tokens for completing All tasks + 10 $CYM tokens for every valid referral. 

In addition, 100 random lucky winners will earn 100,000 $CYM & Top 50 referrers earn 5,000$.

About Cylum Finance

Cylum Finance is a protocol built as a Launchpad for Metaverse projects on the Binance Smart Chain. $CYM is the native token for Staking incentives. Every Transaction is Taxed a 10% Fee. which is split between all holders and is being Auto-Compounded in their Wallets. Cylum is featured on Yahoo Finance.

Cylum Cylinder is a 1,000 $BNB backup fund, which helps the DAO in case the token price drops dramatically to reassure investors. 2% of the entire supply was burned during launch and with each Transaction, more $CYM are automatically added to the chimney, creating a token scarcity. $CYM is already listed on PancakeSwap.

Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Cylum Finance Airdrop

  1. Visit the Cylum Finance Airdrop page & Connect your Metamask BSC wallet.

  2. Follow @CylumFinance on Twitter + Like and Quote the pinned Tweet with a positive comment and @tag three friends with hashtags: #CYLUM #CYM #BNB #BSC #cryptocurrency #binance #BTC #ETH and post the Quote to your profile.

  3. Go to Coinmarketcap and Add $CYM token to your watchlist.

  4. Upvote $CYLUM on Coinsniper & Vote $CYLUM on WarcherGuru.

  5. Click HERE to open Cylum Youtube search Results + Pick any video of your choice, Like and comment on the video.

  6. Click HERE to open up the google search results. When the page is fully loaded simply close it.

  7. Like and comment on any post on Cylum Facebook page + Share any post to your Facebook profile.

  8. Join Cylum Finance @CylumFinancenews & @CylumFinance2 & @CylumFinance_3 on Telegram + Add 3 Friends to Telegram Group 2 or 3 + Copy the code given and send it into any Telegram group for task checking.

  9. Ensure yall your tasks were properly made before you click the SUBMIT DATA button.

Step-by-Step Guide ”Cylum Finance Airdrop”

▪️ You will receive 60 $CYM tokens for completing All tasks after 48 Hours + 10 $CYM tokens for every valid referral. In addition, 100 random lucky winners will earn 100,000 $CYM & Top 50 referrers earn 5,000$.
** Ensure you sent your code to the telegram group and added 3 people! You will not be able to submit data if one task was skipped. Airdrop Tokens are locked until the Mainnet Launch. New wallets (no Tx in wallet) are automatically disqualified. The tokens are locked-in for staking until the Mainnet Launch (20th May 2022). However, subsequent Rewards are unlocked and can be sold. 

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