DCNTRL Protocol


@DCNTRLnetwork is launching its BNB-backed stablecoin on the BNB Chain, ushering in the much-anticipated USDEFI Launch Party. To celebrate, they're hosting a series of campaigns, offering participants a chance to share in a whopping 1,000,000 $DCNX prize pool.

About DCNTRL Protocol

DCNTRL Protocol is a groundbreaking development on the Binance Smart Chain, introducing $USDEFI, a BNB-backed stablecoin. This innovative solution caters to the demand for a decentralized and transparent stablecoin, addressing concerns over centralized alternatives.

With 0% interest rates and transparent borrowing terms, DCNTRL is redefining standards within the BSC's DeFi ecosystem. $DCNX, as the governance token, empowers its holders to shape the protocol's trajectory, anchoring the sustained growth and functionality.

DCNTRL Protocol

~$ 40,000 Prize Pool
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide DCNTRL Protocol Airdrop

  1. Taskon Giveaway: Engage in social tasks to enter the TaskOn contest for 100,000 $DCNX.

  2. Galxe Raffle: Discover $USDEFI, and join the Galxe Raffle for a chance to share 300,000 $DCNX.

  3. Exclusive Raffle for BSCNews NFT Holders: Hold a BSCNews NFT and interact with DCNTRL s protocol (User Guides) on the mainnet to share 100,000 $DCNX.

  4. DCNTRL x SecondLive Gleam Contest: Complete specific tasks on Gleam to win a portion of 100,000 $DCNX.

  5. DCNTRL x Wombex Finance Gleam Contest: Engage in social tasks via Gleam to contend for another 100,000 $DCNX.

  6. Final 300,000 DCNX Prize: More details to be released soon about this contest showdown.

Step-by-Step Guide ”DCNTRL Protocol’s USDEFI Launch Party”

▪️ Winners will be announced in a subsequent post after all campaigns conclude. Best of luck! 

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