Dvision Network


Dvision Network Airdrop is worth a total of $10,000 $DVI Tokens, 500 Limited-edition NFT Badges and 500 NFT Hoodies, in order to commemorate the celebration of the Binance Smart Chain 1st Anniversary in Dvision Metaverse.

1. 500 Winners will be granted by $20 in $DVI tokens

2. 500 Winners will be granted by 1 NFT Badge (Event Item)

3. 500 Winners will be granted by 1 NFT Hoodie (Event Item)

In addition, 100 Winners will be granted the most unique partner endorsed NFT Badges!

About Dvision Network

Dvision Network is an ultimate blockchain-based NFT metaverse platform. Dvision Network establishes a cutting-edge metaverse ecosystem, by utilizing its own VR technology, that helps to lower the entry barriers for all types of users across the globe. Therefore, it allows designers, enterprises and general users to dive into the most advanced metaverse experience. 

Dvision Network

Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Dvision Network Airdrop

  1. Go to the Dvision Network Airdrop page.

  2. Join Dvision Network on Telegram.

  3. Follow @Dvision_network on Twitter.

  4. Subscribe to Dvision Network on YouTube.

  5. Pre-register in Dvision Metaverse & Connect your BEP-20 compatible wallet.

  6. Submit your BEP-20 wallet address and details to the Airdrop page. Total Winners: 1,500 (Random Selection).

  7. Join Dvision NFT Airdrop Collab with @CoPuppy! 100 Winners will be granted the most unique partner endorsed NFT Badges! Good Luck!

Step-by-Step Guide ”Dvision Network Airdrop”
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