dYmension – Testnet


The dYmension incentivized Testnet has started and is currently in the initial testing period! Join the adventure through Portal, the gateway to a world of decentralized exploration.

Experience the power of dYmension Hub, RollappX, and the EVMOS Testnet through the RollApp EVM. Shape the future of blockchain technology!

About dYmension

dYmension is a groundbreaking network that revolutionizes blockchain deployment by offering lightning-fast modular blockchains called RollApps. These autonomous worlds grant developers control over logic and governance while offering flexible value accrual through transaction fees paid in native or chosen tokens. For an in-depth understanding of the dYmension protocol, check out the learn sectionlitepaper, and glossary.

dYmension – Testnet

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Step by step guide dYmension – Testnet Airdrop

  1. Go to the dYmension RollApps web app and connect your Keplr wallet.

  2. Access the Keplr menu and select “Manage Chain Visibility” Search for “dYmension Hub 35-C” and “RollApp X 35-C” check the corresponding boxes, and save. Make note of your dYmension wallet address (starts with “dym…”).

  3. Join the dYmension Discord server, complete the verification process, and introduce yourself in the #intro-lounge channel to receive a community member role and gain access to other channels.

  4. Head to the #Faucet channel and request test tokens using the command: $request {dYmension address} {35c-hub}. You will receive 10 $DYM in your Keplr wallet. Return to the Portal platform to begin testing the available tools.

  5. Perform an IBC Transfer by sending some $DYM tokens from dYmension Hub 35-C to RollApp X 35-C. You can view your updated balance on the RollApp X 35-C dashboard.

  6. Click on the RollApp EVM 35-C, connect your MetaMask wallet, and approve adding the RollApp EVM 35-C network.

  7. Proceed to the Evmos Testnet Faucet, select “Request from Keplr,” approve Evmos Testnet, enter your Evmos address (starts with “evmos…”), and click “Send Tokens.” You will receive 0.10 TEVMOS to operate within the EVM RollApp.

  8. Deposit some $DYM tokens into RollApp EVM 35-C. Access the RollApp EVM side panel and navigate to Swap.

  9. Utilize the IBC transfer feature in the top menu to perform transfers from dYmension Hub 35-C to RollApp EVM 35-C or EVMOS testnet, and vice versa.

  10. Delegate DYM tokens by selecting a network validator and entering the desired $DYM amount. You can also Claim your rewards, Cancel delegation, and Redelegate.

  11. Add the Celestia network to your Keplr wallet, request TIA test tokens from the Celestia Faucet, and initiate TIA token transfers via IBC Transfer.

Step-by-Step Guide ”dYmension Incentivized Testnet”

▪️ To become a node operator and deploy a RollApp in the incentivized Testnet, aim to receive the RollApp Fam? role. Don’t forget to provide feedback and seek assistance on the dYmension Discord server. Enjoy testing the network to the fullest!

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