In June 2022, the EigenLayer Stage 1 Mainnet launch marked a transformative leap in the project’s development, introducing key restaking and governance capabilities to the Ethereum ecosystem. Now, nearly two years later, EigenLayer has unveiled the highly anticipated $EIGEN token along with the Stakedrop Season, allocating 15% of the initial token supply across multiple seasons.

Season 1 consists of two phases, with 4.54% (75.91M) of the initial supply claimable over 120 days starting on May 10, 2024, based on a snapshot taken on March 15, and an additional 0.46% (7.77M) reserved for Phase 2, to be released in about a month. To further support the community’s commitment to the protocol, an additional 10% of the supply is earmarked for future seasons.

Eligible recipients include users actively engaging with the EigenLayer protocol in simpler ways, including LRTs holders and restakers of other eligible liquid restaking protocols. Don’t miss out!

About EigenLayer

EigenLayer is the first restaking protocol, providing a pioneering solution to the challenge of bootstrapping decentralized networks by harnessing Ethereum’s vast validator network and proof-of-stake consensus mechanism, which benefits developers and also empowers users to reuse their staked ETH to earn additional rewards while promoting permissionless innovation.

The total supply of EIGEN at launch is 1,673,646,668.28466 tokens, mirroring Ethereum’s dynamic token supply. For real-time tracking of Ethereum’s supply and burn stats, visit Ultrasound.money.

Airdrop image
Claim Window
May 10 – Sept 7, 2024
15% of Initial Supply

Step by step guide EigenLayer Airdrop

  1. Head over to the EigenLayer restaking page, connect your wallet, and select the LST token you want to restake, then enter the amount and click deposit (Withdraw Guide).

    Popular liquid staking tokens (LSTs) include Lido staked ETH (stETH), Rocket Pool ETH (rETH), Wrapped Beacon ETH (wBETH) of Binance, and Coinbase wrapped staked ETH (cbETH)…

  2. Check your Airdrop eligibility for phase 1 & phase 2 to claim your free $EIGEN tokens at claims.eigenfoundation.org. If you used an LRT but do not have an allocation in Phase 1, you may be eligible in Phase 2. For more info, read the official Eigen Foundation Announcement.

    Approx 1% of the total allocation has been dedicated to ensuring a minimum floor of 110 $EIGEN for each restaker. Note that future seasons will not have a minimum allocation.

  3. Explore delegating to one of the Node operators running AVSs like EigenDA to secure key blockchain components such as layer 1s, bridges, coprocessors…, fueling open innovation.

Consider engaging with other eligible restaking protocols such as Renzo Protocol, Swell Network, Puffer Finance, EtherFi, Kelp DAO, Fyde and Zircuit for additional Airdrop earning opportunities.


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