Entangle – Testnet


The @Entanglefi Incentivized Testnet provides an opportunity for users to experience the features of the Entangle Protocol, rewarding active participants with $NGL tokens from a reserved 3% of Entangle's 1 billion total token supply.

About Entangle

Entangle is a unique Web3 messaging infrastructure that offers full customization for builders and dApps, aiming to unify the Web3 space and optimize ecosystem liquidity. It provides authenticated and interoperable data pathways from any source, allowing complete configurability in executing operations, making it a vital tool for enhancing cross-chain liquidity and addressing DeFi challenges.

Entangle – Testnet

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Step by step guide Entangle – Testnet Airdrop

  1. Visit Entangle User Guide and follow Testnet steps.

  2. Check Infrastructure Guide for Infrastructure Nodes.

  3. Explore quests campaigns via Zealy, Galxe, and Guild.

  4. For assistance, contact the Entangle team via Discord.

Step-by-Step Guide ”Entangle Protocol – Incentivized Testnet”

▪️ Participants will be allocated a portion of $NGL via Airdrop near TGE based on activity!
* Attend weekly AMA sessions for OAT minting as proof of attendance – Gas-Free Minting!

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