Starting this Friday, @friendtech will begin airdropping reward points to app testers.

These points are collected off-chain during the beta period and will gain a special purpose upon the app’s official release.

About emerges as a revolutionary crypto x social platform crafted by the visionaries behind Stealcam. It redefines trading by empowering users to effortlessly trade tokenized shares of Crypto Twitter influencer’s accounts via its groundbreaking app, resulting in an unparalleled amalgamation of cryptocurrency and social interaction. has been showcased on both CoinDesk and CoinMarketCap, adding to the recognition of this revolutionary platform.

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Step by step guide Airdrop

  1. Visit via your phone to launch the app. (Watch Overview/Guide Video)

  2. Enter the invite code and connect with Twitter.

  3. Deposit a minimum of 0.01 ETH to your wallet.

  4. Earn points by inviting friends and trading influencer shares.

  5. Optional: Buy our founder’s key: Mortpoker

Over the course of six months, a grand total of 100,000,000 points will be distributed. GL!

Edit: Currently we have no available invite codes, if you head to X and search Friend Tech, you will find people sharing invite codes. We will update new ref codes when we receive them

* Stay in the loop by joining the Telegram channel for updates on the upcoming launch.


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