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About Gaimin

Gaimin is a gaming platform harnessing the power of gaming PCs globally, allowing gamers to monetize idle GPU resources and rendering activities to earn $GMRX tokens without impacting their gaming performance.

Gaimin also connects gamers to the Web3 economy, enabling digital asset transactions and merging gaming, AI, and decentralized finance on the BNB Chain, establishing itself as a key innovator in the digital transformation era.

Step by step guide Gaimin Airdrop

  1. Download and install the Gaimin.GG platform on your PC Windows and create an account with your email or by logging in with Google (FAQ).

  2. Set up your wallet by registering with Venly, which quickly integrates a functional wallet with your account.

  3. Play any games you already own or from the library to start generating rewards simply by running the platform in the background and sharing GPU power.

  4. Share your referral link to earn 10% rewards from users across three tiers.

* You can use your credits to buy in-game assets on the Marketplace and use them across multiple Triple-A games. Gaimin is trusted by the best in the industry!

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