@GaiminIo is hosting an exhilarating Airdrop Farming Pre-TGE event, allowing participants to earn ELO, which can be redeemed for sought-after $GMRX.

This event is a gateway to engaging with the largest DePIN for GPUs and contributing to the development of the fastest L2 Blockchain, boasting 150k TPS.

About Gaimin is a groundbreaking platform harnessing the dormant power of 1.5 billion gaming PCs worldwide, creating a decentralized network for extensive data processing and allowing gamers to monetize idle GPU resources by engaging in blockchain and rendering tasks, thus earning $GMRX tokens without impacting their gaming performance. also connects gamers with the Web3 economy, facilitating digital asset purchases within its marketplace and aligning gaming, AI, and decentralized finance on the BNB Chain, establishing it as a key innovator in the digital transformation era.

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Step by step guide

  1. Visit the Gamin Pre-TGE Airdrop page and connect your Twitter.
  2. Earn ELO by creating content and engaging with @GaiminIo on Twitter.
  3. Submit your BSC wallet address on your profile to claim your $GMRX.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Gaimin - $GMRX Pre-TGE Airdrop''

▪️ ELO will convert into $GMRX. The more ELO you earn the more $GMRX you will earn.
* will be launching the $GMRX token on Bybit exchange on the 26th of March.🔥
* Owning a @GaiminIo NFT or a @SappySealsNFT increases your ELO by 50% and 25%.

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