Earn by having an active lifestyle

About ''Genopets''

Genopets is an RPG game, that runs on Solana and it uses data tracked by a smartphone or fitness wearable to increase the level of your Genopet! These digital assets are tradable NFT's, which can be bought and sold on the public marketplace. Their pets can be used in the Genoverse to explore all its secrets and level up. It's a Play to Earn game that has adopted a Move to Earn concept and is the first in the crypto space to launch such a unique game!

The four ways to get rewarded:

– Stake: GENE token

– Earn: KI token

– XP: Level up NFT

– Gene crystals: Crafted NFTs


The game is very accessible, all you need is Phantom wallet. Anyone can start playing for free and increase the value of their Genopet!

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Note: Only the demo version of the game is available at the moment of writing. Take a look at their roadmap to see when the full game will be released.


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Step-By-Step guide ''Genopets''
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