Grass has stormed into the Data Wars, launching its Incentivized Beta with a bang! This innovative venture by Wynd is turning heads in the digital world by harnessing the untapped potential of unused bandwidth, as it empowers users to earn Grass Points by converting their internet presence into a rewarding experience. Elevate your online activity to new heights!

About Grass ?

Grass is the first incentivized web scraping protocol that enables users to monetize their unused internet bandwidth by linking them with AI labs and retailers for web scraping purposes. Key to decentralized AI, Grass’s nodes are crucial for powering the Oracle ecosystem.

With a substantial $3.5 million seed funding led by Polychain and Tribe Capital, Grass is set on a path to democratize the AI industry and establish an ethical network, prioritizing user privacy and expanding with mobile apps to enhance its reach and utility in the digital economy.

Approx. value

Step by step guide Grass Airdrop

  1. Kickstart your Grass journey by registering with your email.

  2. Click on “Connect” to download the Grass browser extension.

  3. Invite friends using your referral link to boost your earnings.

  4. Explore our recent blog post for insights on maximizing your Grass rewards.

* Sit back and browse as usual to start accumulating Grass Points.

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