Gutter Cat Gang


@GutterCatGang and partners are hosting the Gutter Grab Airdrop campaign, offering participants the chance to earn free $GANG tokens by engaging with the community and collecting Gutter Chips. Don't miss out on the chance to be part of this rewarding experience!

About Gutter Cat Gang

The Gutter Cat Gang is an elite Web3 community thriving within a post-apocalyptic world ruled by felines. It's more than just a project—it's a dynamic social club where NFTs serve as membership tokens, unlocking exclusive perks and events.

Since its inception in 2021 with the Gutter Cat Gang collection, the Gang has expanded to encompass species like Gutter Rats, Gutter Dogs, and Gutter Pigeons, all while highlighting its commitment to innovation through pioneering initiatives, including DAOs and P2E games.

Additionally, through ventures into The Sandbox Metaverse, such as crafting "Gutter City", the Gang extends an invitation to explore this exciting digital frontier.

Gutter Cat Gang

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Step by step guide

  1. Navigate to the Gutter Grab Airdrop page.
  2. Login with your Twitter account and receive 500 Gutter Chips instantly.
  3. Start earning Gutter Chips by engaging with and posting about @GutterToken, @YugenLBS, @GutterCatGang, and tagging $GANG.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Gutter Cat Gang - $GANG Airdrop''

▪️ The more Gutter Chips you earn, the more $GANG you will collect for free. Best of luck!

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