Houndrace Mainnet Launch Airdrop prize pool is worth 50 Houndrace NFTs + 500 $USDT to celebrate the Houndrace Mainnet Launch & Mint that will take place on the 4th of November. Join today and spread the word about Houndrace. Let’s go!

After more than one year of hard work, testing, iterations and more hard work they are finally getting ready to launch the game on the public mainnet. The Houndrace App game will be live on Polygon and ready for users to play on the 4th of November 2022. 

About Houndrace

Houndrace is a play-to-earn blockchain game that brings the passion of hound racing into the Metaverse. The game offers users a multitude of gameplay features from racing to breeding with 2D and 3D simulated environments and a custom genetics algorithm that ensures uniqueness and authenticity for every new generation of hounds. Enjoy the Play & Earn, Compete in races with your hound against other players and earn!

The entire game environment is composed of 7 core components: Hound NFTs (ERC-721), Arena NFTs, Game Client, Smart Contracts, 3D Simulation, Racing Algo and Houndrace Potions. 

The Houndrace Potion Token ($HRP) will be the main economic engine of the game where users can join without paying the entry ticket and still earn a prize in $HRP.

~$ 5,500 Prize Pool
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Houndrace Airdrop

  1. Login to the Houndrace Mainnet Launch Airdrop Event Gleam page.

  2. Join Houndrace on Discord & Link your Discord ID.

  3. Follow @Houndrace on Twitter & RT.

  4. Achieve over 120 entries & Join every day for new tasks and more entries.

Step-by-Step Guide ''Houndrace Mainnet Launch Airdrop Event''

▪️ The winners will be announced on Saturday 12 Nov 2022. Good Luck Everyone!

▪️ Prize Distribution:
🏆 1st Place: 5 Houndrace NFTs + $90 in USDT
🏆 2nd Place: 4 Houndrace NFTs + $50 in USDT
🏆 3rd Place: 3 Houndrace NFTs + $30 in USDT
🏆 4th Place to 9th Place: 2 Houndrace NFTs+ $10 in USDT
🏆 10th Place to 38th Place: 1 Houndrace NFT + $10 in USDT

▪️ Own a Racing Hound and compete with other players in arenas for the first 3 places to win a share of the prize pool. Each race has an entry ticket that accumulates the total prize pool. Additional milestones are placed during the race and the first to reach the milestone wins the prize.
▪️ Breed new generations of hounds with unique genetic characteristics and body elements and grow your family. The custom genetics algorithm ensures a distributed allocation of new elements and colors while still keeping traits from the parents. Trade Hounds on the NFT marketplace and obtain the best value for the highest performers.
▪️ By owning an Arena, you own a part of the action. Owners will earn a fee from all the races that take place in their arena. The fees are calculated as a percentage of the total prize pool that is generated from entry tickets.
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