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iCommunity Labs sparks excitement with its Airdrop Rewards Program, where the BASIC Airdrop allows participants to acquire up to 100 $ICOM tokens, introducing them to the ICOM universe.

The excitement escalates with the Pro Airdrop, unlocking access to a substantial share of 1,000,000 $ICOM, further enriching the experience within the ICOM ecosystem. Don't miss out!

About iCommunity Labs

iCommunity Labs revolutionizes blockchain access with Blockchain Solutions (iBS), simplifying its integration into businesses. As an Enterprise Blockchain-as-a-Service (EBaaS) provider, it eliminates technical complexities and high costs, democratizing access for various businesses.

The platform offers services like digital identity management and asset tokenization, with the $ICOM Token enabling user governance, offering discounts, and incentivizing engagement.

iCommunity Labs

~$ 50,000 Prize Pool
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide iCommunity Labs Airdrop

  1. Register or log in on the iCommunity platform.

  2. Join the ICOM community on Telegram.

  3. Follow @iCommunity_io on Twitter, quote the pinned tweet with hashtags #icom #icommunity #icomairdrop and tag two @friends.

  4. Fill out the form in your ICOM profile s rewards section with your details.

  5. Purchase and hold ICOM tokens from the iCommunity store or Probit Global.

  6. Earn points for holding ICOM (10 points for every 1,000 $ICOM). Existing iCommunity store purchasers automatically qualify if still holding tokens.

  7. For iCommunity store purchases, verify your identity. For external exchange purchases, transfer tokens to a non-custodial wallet (e.g. Rainbow) and provide the wallet address in your ICOM profile. No identity verification is needed for external purchases.

Step-by-Step Guide ''iCommunity Labs – Airdrop Rewards Program''
Part 1: ✅ BASIC Airdrop – Earn 100 $ICOM tokens (up to €5 guaranteed):

Part 2: 🚀 Pro Airdrop – Earn part of 1,000,000 $ICOM tokens (up to €50,000):

▪️ Airdrop distribution will take place throughout the year 2024. For detailed information on the rewards program, visit the iCommunity Airdrop page and review the conditions and terms.

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