IntentX is gearing up for its $NTX Token Generation Event in late Q1 or Q2 2024, planning a retroactive Airdrop for users based on their trading activity during the Open Beta phase.

The Airdrop, featuring xINTX tokens, aims to encourage active trading and fairly compensate dedicated users on the platform. Welcome to the future of trading! ⛺️

About IntentX

IntentX is a cutting-edge OTC derivatives exchange specializing in perpetual futures trading, innovating with an intent-based architecture where traders express intentions for execution by external solvers, thus enhancing liquidity and scalability.

Harnessing technologies like LayerZero and SYMMIO, IntentX provides omnichain deployment, lower fees (0.03% open + 0.03% close), and improved capital efficiency, launching with a diverse selection of over 180 tradable pairs, with up to 60x leverage.

Initially operating on Base L2, IntentX is poised for future expansion to a variety of other chains, further extending its reach and capabilities in the trading sphere.

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Step by step guide IntentX Airdrop

  1. Head over to the IntentX web3 app platform.

  2. Use the Stargate bridge to transfer $USDC to the Base network.

  3. Create an account, deposit funds, and start trading to earn xINTX (Tutorials). Be aware of the 12-hour withdrawal waiting period.

  4. Refer others and earn INTX trading rewards for both you and the referred.

Step-by-Step Guide ”IntentX – Retroactive Airdrop”

▪️ You will earn up to 35% extra points when you trade daily on IntentX.
You can find support by opening a ticket in the IntentX Discord. GL!

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