Kava is a video games company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Kava’s first title “World of Kaneva” nurtured an ecosystem consisting of over 3 million players. In 2017 Kava launched CasinoLife Poker bringing its 3D virtual world expertise to the social casino genre. Kava Coins are rewarded to players of CasinoLife Poker for engaging with the game.

Kava is airdropping 10,000 KAVA (~$10) to 25,000 airdrop participants and 1000 KAVA  (~$1) for every referral in referral campaign. ICO token price: 1 KAVA = 0,001 USD

How to join Airdrop:

How to join Referral campaign

  • 1. Go to Kava airdrop page
  • 2. Sign up and get your unique referral link
  • 3. Refer friends to earn 1000 KAVA (~$1) for every referral 

NOTE: You do NOT need to enter a wallet address to receive the tokens at this point. KAVA Coin is a Stellar based token. They provide a free Kava Coin Wallet in their app CasinoLife Poker (download links below). Kava Coins will be deposited in your wallet in the app at the end of the Airdrop Campaign after July 15, 2018.

• Download on App Store 
• Get on Google Play 

~$10 + $1 for every referral
Approx. value
days left

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide

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