LG Electronics x LABEL


Exciting News! LG Electronics and LABEL Foundation have united, ushering in a new era in music streaming. This collaboration seamlessly integrates Web3 technology, transforming our entertainment landscape.

With TRACKS Music ÐApp, enjoy free ad-free playlists tailored for study, work, and relaxation, and earn $BLB tokens in mystery boxes as you listen, which can be used to win special prizes and $USDT in Prize Draw and Lucky Roulette.

And for collectors, don't miss out: the Exclusive LG x LABEL NFTs are a must-have. Dive in, enjoy the music, and reap the rewards!


LABEL is an avant-garde Web 3.0 music platform, pioneering the fusion of music and decentralized technology. Through its innovative TRACKS mechanism, it offers a unique "Listen-And-Earn" experience, rewarding listeners and ensuring fair compensation for musicians.

LABEL 2.0 further elevates the game, introducing NFT capabilities for artists and shaping a brighter, more inclusive future for the music industry. In essence, LABEL is not just redefining how we listen but reshaping the very fabric of the musical ecosystem.

LABEL utilizes two key tokens: $BLB for utility and $LBL for governance and in-app activities. Users earn tokens through engagement with the LABEL ecosystem, and using tokens to acquire Headphones provides access to exclusive events and perks.

LG Electronics x LABEL

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