LightLink – Testnet


@LightLinkChain is excited to announce a significant achievement: the successful deployment of a bridge connecting the LightLink Pegasus Testnet and Ethereum's Goerli network. This breakthrough fosters effortless asset transfers and marks a pivotal step in bridging these networks for enhanced user interaction.

Participation in the Testnet holds the exciting potential for participants to qualify for $LL token Airdrops upon the TGE.

About LightLink

LightLink emerges as a revolutionary force in internet infrastructure, unveiling a lightning-fast layer 2 blockchain built on Ethereum, meticulously architected to meet the distinct demands of metaverse projects, ticketing, and gaming applications, shaping a thriving digital era.

Taking innovation to new heights, LightLink pioneers a gasless execution option, giving users the flexibility to cover fees using either $ETH or the native $LL token.

LightLink – Testnet

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide LightLink – Testnet Airdrop

  1. Access the LightLink Testnet Bridge.

  2. Obtain testnet ETH from the Pegasus Faucet and/or Goerli Faucet.

  3. Select the network (Pegasus or Goerli), initiate a transfer, and confirm via Metamask.

  4. For bridging assets beyond ETH and more information, refer to this blog article.

  5. Collect points through the LightLink Galxe quests.

Step-by-Step Guide ”LightLink Testnet Bridge Launch”

▪️ LightLink community and early adopters can join events to qualify for awards. GL!

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