Lore Explorer


The Lore Explorer Beta Launch, celebrated as the Etherscan Killer ?, is revolutionizing the way we interact with blockchain data.

Early users who get on board will have the opportunity to earn Lore points, with the potential for these points to be redeemed for $LORE tokens in the future. Make Lore Your Go-To Explorer!

About Lore Explorer

LORE, powered by Alchemy, is an intuitive, AI-enhanced platform that transforms blockchain data on EVM-compatible networks into an easy-to-understand format. It boasts features such as transactions displayed in plain language, searches conducted through natural conversation, and instant alerts to keep users informed.

Lore Explorer

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It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide Lore Explorer Airdrop

  1. Navigate to the Lore Waitlist page.

  2. Enter your email to join the waitlist.

  3. Share your referral link to collect LORE points for every signup.

Step-by-Step Guide ”LORE Explorer – Early Bird Access

▪️ LORE points will be redeemed later for future rewards. Best of Luck!
* Stay ahead of the curve with LoreGPT, notifications, and more!

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