The crypto world is abuzz with the thrilling evolution in the Bitcoin blockchain following the launch of the Runes protocol, which coincided with the Bitcoin halving 2024, introducing a dynamic new layer to Bitcoin’s functionality, and opening up a myriad of possibilities for Bitcoin tokenization.

Following this innovation, Luminex has emerged as a prominent launchpad for minting Runes and Ordinals, with a new rewards system enabling users to earn Souls through Runes minting, setting the stage for potential future Airdrops. Get ready to unlock exclusive rewards with @luminexio!

About Luminex

Luminex is the top launchpad and tool provider in the Bitcoin ecosystem, meticulously selecting and supporting high-quality projects for Bitcoin Ordinals and Runes, undergoing rigorous evaluation to ensure they meet stringent criteria before introduction to the community.

Moreover, Luminex provides users with specialized tools for managing large-scale Ordinals collections using the BRC69+ standard, with Discord bots tracking real-time DMT deployments.

Step by step guide Luminex Airdrop

  1. Head over to the Luminex Launchpad and connect your Xverse wallet.

  2. Check out the Xverse guide to ensure your wallet is on the latest version.

  3. Mint Runes to earn Souls, taking advantage of bulk minting to mint up to 2,500 Runes with lower fees in a single transaction.

Follow Luminex on Twitter and Discord for updates. More Runes coming soon, Loading…■■■■■■□


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