March Giveaway


AirdropAlert is giving away Silent Notary tokens (SNTR), which is listed on Coinmarketcap!

1000 Silent Notary Tokens (SNTR) + more tokens for referring friends. See the table below:

  1. Bonus: Referrals 1-3 +1000 SNTR. Total airdrop is 2000 SNTR.
  2. Bonus: Referrals 4-10 +2500 SNTR. Total airdrop is 3500 SNTR.
  3. Bonus: Referrals 11 or higher +5000 SNTR. Total airdrop is 6000 SNTR.

Every user will receive 1000 SNTR tokens and +1000 SNTR for referring 1 to 3 users with your unique referral link. For reffering 4 to 10 users, you will receive +2500 SNTR, and for referring 11 or more users, you will receive +5000 SNTR.

Note: If you are already a dashboard user and a social follower of AirdropAlert, you can still earn this airdrop by referring minimum of 1 friend.

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March Giveaway

up to 6000 SNTR
Approx. value

It looks like you are too late! The airdrop is closed.

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Step by step guide March Giveaway Airdrop

  1. Go to AirdropAlert airdrop form.

  2. Follow AidropAlert on social media channels as described on airdrop form. (+1000 SNTR)

  3. Submit your ETH address and other details to the airdrop form.

  4. Your unique referral link will be emailed to you in a confirmation email after you submit the airdrop form.

  5. Refer friends to earn more tokens (up to +5000 SNTR).

Our team will airdrop the tokens first week of April 2019!
Our previous December give away distrubtion already completed in January!
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